I'm keen. How do I secure a slot?​

Thank you for expressing interest in our programmes. 

We look forward to having a chat with you about how each programme can benefit your organisation.

Book an appointment with our sales team

You may book an appointment with our sales team via our booking system. 

If you're a preschool educator and would like to organise workshops and/or learning journeys for your students,

you may click on the link below to make an appointment with Rita.

If you are

  1. organising workshops, learning journeys and/or the PLAY programme at your RC/CC or PCF Sparkletots Centre,​

  2. looking to have Flourish! enrichment programme at your RC or CC,

you may click on the link below to make an appointment with Celeste.

One-off or package deal?

We have one-off workshops as well as yearly package deals for schools.

If you have your programmes for the year lined up, you might want to share it with our sales team.

They will recommend thematic programmes to suit your plans.


Open an account with us.

We offer exclusive rates to our preschool partners, coupled with a loyalty programme too! 

Open an account with our sales team and conveniently Whatsapp/email her whenever you'd like to conduct a workshop or arrange for a learning journey! 



You're done!

Exciting and engaging programmes are now on their way to your school!

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