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Meet The Team


The SoC Sales Team is made up of dynamic individuals passionate and selfless about making a difference in the lives of children during their formative years.

The SoC Sales Team's portfolio ranges from story-based excursions to literacy enrichment lessons for all - both privileged and underprivileged. 

Rita Tan

Sales Accounts Manager

Rita's mission is to bring joy and laughter to children. She has a suite of programmes, workshops and learning journeys to venues exclusive to SoC's clients.

Connect with Rita to take up fun and exciting workshops and programmes at a corporate rate.


M: +65 9731 0395 

Celeste Teo
Special Accounts Manager 

Celeste is all about the community. She believes that it takes a village to raise a child. Her big-hearted nature motivates her to bring parents and their children, teachers and their students together through meaningful workshops that encourage sharing, community spirit and more importantly meaningful interaction between parents and children with the community they are part of. 

Connect with Celeste to bring SoC's parent-child bonding programmes to your community!


M: +65 8571 5187