Fun Chinese New Year Activities

It’s almost Chinese New Year! One of the most-awaited and well-celebrated festivals of the year. Teachers, have you decided how to celebrate this festive occasion with your kids?

If you haven’t – look no further! We’ve compiled a variety of fun activities you can choose to do with your kids.


Every great festival is celebrated with art-and-craft (aka the activity that makes children squeal with joy). What are some great crafts you can do?

For teachers who prefer fuss-free craft:

Image credits: buggyandbuddy.com


For teachers who want a craft that makes an impression:

Image credits: learningandexploringthroughplay.com.


For teachers who prefer crafts with utility:

Image credits: the-gingerbread-house.co.uk


For teachers with lots of other teaching buddies:

Image credits: iheartcraftythings.com



If art-and-craft had an equally appealing twin for young children, it would be …. Song-and-dance! You know that your kids literally jump, run and smile when they hear the phrase, “song-and-dance”. Check out Montessori’s compilation of various Chinese New Year resources. This includes various Chinese songs, dance routines and even stories about Chinese New Year. Time to start singing, pumping up and reading with the kids!



What’s New Year without games? You can choose to play wordless charades (based on the Zodiac animals!) or even play a game of “I-Spy something red” (Click here for more ideas!). But, wait. If you’re looking for an activity that exercises a great deal of creativity - get your children to make their own lion heads and perform a lion dance! For instructions, click here.

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