How General Knowledge Helps to Develop Future-Readiness

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

The acquisition of general knowledge, which refers to internalising facts and figures on a variety of topics, is an integral and natural part of life. In order to stay relevant, we face constant pressure to pick up new pieces of information. As born learners, general knowledge improves cognition, which helps us to understand the workings of the world. Now, as most parents are aware, learning is especially important during childhood, as early experiences provide the foundation upon which crucial skills, social and emotional abilities develop. In other words, learning helps one to be future-ready.

What does it mean to be future-ready? At its core, future-readiness refers to getting ahead, and staying ahead. It is about being armed with critical-thinking skills and having the foresight to make wise decisions. With a comprehensive understanding of how things work, children can be trusted to think on their feet, as well as grow up to be confident and well-rounded adults. This then begs the question: How exactly does general knowledge work to help children be future-ready?


Character is built upon knowledge. According to a study, the trait most consistently correlated with general knowledge is openness to experience, which is characterised by intellectual curiosity and a keen interest in learning. When children explore their environment with open minds and register bits of information, their personalities blossom and they base their beliefs on independent thought. Essentially, knowledge makes children who they are and moulds them into who they will become.


Education is a powerful tool that boosts the confidence of young learners. When children are immersed in an environment ripe with learning opportunities, they begin to acquire the essential building blocks for being school-ready. As a result, they become critical thinkers who perform academically and eventually later on in life.


General knowledge increases a child’s social awareness and empathy, enabling them to cultivate and maintain positive interactions with others. This is crucial in helping them make lasting friendships. With the wide variety of knowledge they possess, children can also find a common ground with others and hold conversations with ease.

With a tight grasp on general knowledge, children go through the process of learning holistically. This approach encompasses psychological, social and emotional growth, which instills curiosity and allows children to learn creatively. In turn, their comprehension of how the world works fills them with confidence and develops a passion for learning! Needless to say, such empowered children are the ones who get ahead and remain ahead, ready to overcome any obstacle in their way.


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