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Updated: Jul 5, 2019

As technology gets more and more advanced, many mobile applications have surfaced for various audiences. Regardless of age, there is a suitable application for anyone, including our young ones! With seemingly limitless options, we have tried and tested some applications created for children and narrowed down a few educational applications that we think can teach your children while keeping them entertained! All of the applications mentioned in this article are available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

First off, we have YouTube Kids, which is suitable for children of all ages. YouTube needs no introduction – an application that allows you to view videos of all sorts. YouTube Kids allows your children to browse all sorts of video content, appropriate for children. With YouTube Kids, there’s no need to worry about the kind of videos your young children are exposed to. Other than providing children-friendly and some educational videos, parents can also enable or disable the search function, limiting the content even further. If you’re worried about time limits for your children, this application allows you to set time limits based on your preference. Passwords are also required to toggle with the time limit, so that your child cannot change it without your help. This application also allows you to register for multiple users, should you have more than one child using your device. Overall, this application can be quite a dream for parents, since it allows for safe, child-friendly content while being parent-controlled!

Magic Math Academy is a great application that is free to download and allows users to buy a full version at around $22. Magic Math Academy is a great application to begin exposing your child to basic mathematics and numbers, suitable for children ages 3 and above. This application uses videos and guided play with colourful animations to teach your child how to count, how to use operations and some basic geometry. This is great for children who are just starting to learn about numbers and simple mathematics. Magic Math Academy is also good for parent-child bonding, since the learning experience can be enhanced by parents guiding their children through the content the application has to offer.

Another application that is worth downloading is AB Maths (also called Maths games for kids - times tables trainer on the Google Play Store). This application comes in 2 versions – the Lite version (which is free) and the Full version (available for around $3). This application is perfect for learning numbers and operations, making it suitable for children aged 4 and above. You can engage in different types of playing styles, all with a common objective of exposing your children to mathematical operations and mental sums. This application also allows you to register for multiple users, which makes it great for parents with more than one child. However, the application has not been perfected as it has a tendency to be buggy. Regardless of that, the application is a good one to develop essential skills in simple mathematics.

Last but not least, EarthSchool is a space-themed application that uses planets to teach your child about shapes and colours. Other than its cool appearance, this application aims to teach your child to match shapes and trains your child’s motor skills through games and repetition. The graphics and animation in this application is attractive and can definitely catch the attention of your child! The free version has limited activities, but if you pay around $5, you can get much more activities for your child to play and learn.

While mobile applications are useful and can be very enticing for children, we should always bear in mind that your child should be given limits on screen time. Mobile applications should only serve as a supplement to other activities such as reading or colouring. Even though an electronic device is a good way to keep your children occupied, it should not be the main alternative to engaging them. Social interactions between the child and the caretaker or reading should not be neglected or replaced with technology. Even if technology were to be used, the most ideal option is to optimise screen time by fusing play and education. You can find the infographic to this article here!

Education can go hand in hand with play. At School of Concepts, we fuse play with education to spark the joy in learning for your children, in turn making them self-directed and self-motivated learners. If you’re interested in our classes or monthly workshops, you can reach us at hello@schoolofconcepts.com, or call us at 6909 1883.

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