SOC: Empowering individuals regardless of class

“We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll

The way out of poverty is through quality education. At School of Concepts, we strongly believe in empowering children regardless of Socio-Economic Status (SES). That’s why we:- Provide our curriculum at a subsidised price to children from low income families.  - Donate 30% of our profits to supporting underprivileged children - What’s so great about your curriculum? Our curriculum has gone through 6 years of Research and Development with 4,680 children in Singapore. These children came from varied backgrounds. They included children who were dyslexic, ‘latchkey’ children, children from low, middle and high- income families as well as children from English and non-English speaking families. 99% of children who went through our full curriculum were able to read, and became self-motivated learners. In short, our curriculum follows our motto: it’s effective for all children.

Wait. Why is English important though?

One might wonder why learning to read and write in English is so critically important in Singapore. English is the fundamental building block for education. Reading, spelling, understanding, and answering questions – all of this is done in English, for all subjects (Geography, History, Mathematics, Biology etc.,). Hence, it is critically important that children excel at English. Hmm, but they can just memorise English words. Why learn English through phonics?Learning English by memorising words is one way of learning. However, this method eventually prevents a child from scoring during higher levels of education. Why? Their memory capacity is exhausted. Learning words through phonics is the route that we teach children English. Using this route allows children to score not just in the short-term, but excel in the long-term. How can I help underpriviledged children?Engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes with us. Engage us in in-house lessons at your school. 30% of the fee that every child pays goes to empowering another underpriviledged child. Teach your children to care about other children.If you are keen on doing so, kindly drop us an email at hello@schoolofconcepts.com, or call us at 6909 1883.

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