What Kind Of Mobile Games Should Children Play?

Mobile games are a part of modern childhood. Despite all the bad things that can come out of excessive use, mobile games that are suitable for your child can actually be beneficial in many ways. Not only can they improve on your child’s creativity and imagination, mobile games can also improve your child’s problem solving skills and can be educational in nature. With that said, not every mobile game can provide the same benefits to your child. Now, the question is: what kind of mobile games should children play?

There are limitless options on what games your child can play. This also means that there are limitless opportunities for your child to learn something new, pick up some skills and even absorb some knowledge. A kind of game that can help your child to develop their imagination and creativity is games that require building. An example would be the game LEGO® Creator Islands - Build, Play & Explore. This game simulates building with LEGO, but digitally. You can even combine the play of this game with actual LEGO pieces, to further enhance the gameplay. There are many of such games available on mobile and at least one of them will spark the interest of your child!

Another kind of game that can not only be fun, but also very useful for your child is problem-solving games. These games can come in many forms – be it traditional puzzles or more interactive logic games, they all have one thing in common, which is creative problem-solving! Problem-solving is a critical skill that can help with cognitive development. Such games are popular and easy to find. An example of a problem-solving game is Angry Birds. A very popular game with children, Angry Birds is a logic-based game that has simple objectives. It can even expose your child to the basic physics of projectile and even hypothesis testing.

Some games can also be particularly interesting and educational if they are interactive games, based on designing and taking care of animals or pets. Such games are great for children who prefer to play games that are slower and more customisable. An example of such games is Pet Paradise, A relatively new game, Pet Paradise has a very simple concept – customise your pet and bring it around to do various activities. Many of such games have a bunch of mini-games attached to them, so it can definitely keep your child entertained. Such games are good for your child to learn some basic but essential life skills. Since the pets that they are “taking care” of have various needs, your child will learn to understand how to take care of others and themselves. What makes Pet Paradise even more fun is its social element. If your child has friends who also play the game, they can also add their friends! The game is definitely safe for interactions, since it has a limited amount of things your child can do with their friends. Such games can be fun and social for your child, with great graphics and easy to play as well!

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Mobile games are fun and entertaining, while allowing them to pick up some skills. However, it is important to understand the need for screen time limits. Your child should also be spending quality time on other activities such as reading. It is also important to pay attention to the age ratings for every mobile game your child plays!






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